February 2, 2010

A Psalm

Posted in poems tagged , , , , , , , , at 5:33 am by Mark

As a man not worth the paper or ink I write with,
Nor the breath to sing, nor the kindness of election,
Yet fortunate to hear Your call,
I am grateful to compose a new song
Inspired by the same mercy you showed Saul,
The same mercy given to repentant Nineveh,
I write a Psalm herewith.

You called David, Solomon, Asaph, and Moses,
Made them kings, wise men, poets, prophets;
Men who knew Your miracles, and I only Your grace,
Men who bow in Heaven, and I on this bedroom floor.

All glory is found in Your creations and destructions,
Your lifting up and casting down all men and rulers,
Your flames to scorch the prairies, and rains to bring growth,
Your black watery pits, and snow caps on mountain tops,
Your peoples of every tongue, shade, and sex,
Your proud savanna lions, filthy scavenging vultures.


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