February 6, 2010

Merciful Wrath

Posted in poems tagged , , , , at 4:42 pm by Mark

Lightning did not strike, no fire from above,
Just a fall; not from grace, which had been done.
End times determined a heavenly end,
Despite his dark dealings late in his days.

His good deeds were done and God’s will ran out,
For his bad examples, feigned ignorance, crimes
Which succeeded a pilgrim’s high calling,
An evangelist’s message straight from God.

The Potter finished and watched the cracked jar
Crumble from within, the water of life seeped
Out, and He gathered the broken pieces
To Himself, and placed them on a high shelf.

Overnight, the jar was made whole, no seams,
A perfect container formed from new clay.
A reward, undeserved, but given freely
To a once flawed vessel.


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