February 11, 2010

On Rooftops

Posted in poems tagged , , , , , , , , at 4:54 am by Mark

Running across the rooftops, wild
With fear, footfalls chasing far below;
As I prayed to God who held the moon too high,
My legs pumped, blurred across tar paper; jumped.
I heard the gasps of pursuers street side.
The passersbys screamed, for now they knew,
Like I did, flying above the soon bloody alley
That the deeds I’d done, the words I spoke to God,
My surprise when fingers could not hold the rail,
All led to the inevitable reality of dirt.

Three seconds I had, that I tried to savor,
For I knew I was losing life’s flavor
That tasted like bitter copper once I bit my tongue.
No time for flailing arms, or kicking legs,
Just the sound of meat and blood and street
Meeting in a flash of light, too bright,
For the moon that God held too high.



  1. slpmartin said,

    A very strong poem with excellent images.

    • Mark said,

      I appreciate it. Your site is quite interesting. Much more regularly updated, which is admirable in and of itself, but also with good content.

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